No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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at Madii Lii Camp Suskwa Valley

LNG - liquefied natural gas - is at the cornerstone of government plans and policy in British Columbia.

Five new natural gas pipelines are on the table and nineteen LNG export facilities have been proposed.

For a detailed table of all the proposals, click

You probably know that the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline would be bad for the environment.
Oil and water don't mix, right?
But If you are wondering why the LNG industry would probably be worse,
here and here to link out to YouTube and short videos.
here to link out to Vimeo to watch a 13 minute presentation put together by
No More Pipelines.

Then come back to learn more about BC's new "gold rush of the moment," and start

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For maps of the proposed pipeline routes and northern LNG export facility sites, click
here, here and here.
To view the National Energy Board's "major LNG applications" page, click
Visit an excellent companion site to No More Pipelines,

No More Pipelines advocates a respectful, peaceful exchange of independently researched information concerning BC's proposed LNG industry
and its effects on human and social health, and on the environment.