No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Andrew Weaver, Independent MLA, has taken the BC government to task for abandoning its greenhouse gas reduction targets as a result of its plans for the LNG industry. Here is some of what he said in the BC Legislature when he called for a motion to amend the throne speech.

What does this all mean? Selling LNG to China so that it might decrease its carbon emissions means that we in BC will have no choice but to throw our own targets out the window. Forget the laws. Forget the rhetoric. The science says it’s impossible. We will be throwing away the certainty of our own climate targets for the possibility of theirs.

If we are to walk away from leadership—if we are to turn our backs on our climate targets and ignore the laws we set for ourselves—what does that say about our resolve in the face of adversity?

In 2008 we boldly committed to address one of the greatest challenges of our time. In 2014, it would seem we have boldly committed to perpetuate it, if not accentuate it.

Read the full speech and motion, here.