No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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From the proponent's project description:

The barge-based liquefaction plant will utilize an industry proven LNG process and be largely self-contained. The plant will be fabricated and assembled in a shipyard, then towed to its permanent location in Douglas Channel where it will be grounded on a prepared foundation and interconnected to support systems and the berth. A small LNG buffer tank, electrical substation, and other support facilities will be located on land adjacent to the liquefaction plant.

The liquefaction plant is designed to convert up to 125 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day) of natural gas into approximately 900,000 tonnes per annum of LNG. Initial LNG production will be approximately 700,000 tonnes per annum; this is based on the current transportation agreement and estimates of available pipeline capacity from the Pacific Northern Gas.

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