No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Proposed routing for TransCanada Pipelines' Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project enters at far right from the Suskwa, Itzul, and Shegunia valleys, crosses the shoulder of Sidina Mountain, crosses the Skeena River, passes behind Tenas Mountain, and heads north up the Kispiox Valley to the left, where it crosses the Kispiox River. Spectra Energy's Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project proposed routing enters left of centre along the Babine River, crosses the Skeena River, then roughly parallels TransCanada's proposed routing. Spectra proposes to build two pipelines on this routing.

W= work camp (4700 workers total at these locations)
C=compressor station

Photos (5 stitched together) taken from the summit of Kispiox Mountain, August 16, 2014.
Field of view = approximately 70 km right to left.