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August 26, 2014

Luutkudziiwus House Group of the Gitxsan Nation enacts territorial land management; begins constructing Madii Lii Camp.
Suskwa Watershed declared off-limits to natural gas pipeline construction.
This shuts down access to a
32 km segment of TransCanada Pipelines' proposed Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project.

Our Madii Lii territory is not for sale or use by the province of BC or TransCanada, a mere third party developer that has no understanding of what they are proposing to do, has no idea of our culture, no idea of our heritage.
Gitxsan Herditary Chief, Luutkudziiwus

The province has been stealing from our house territory for 150 years, and this needs to end. The proposed PRGT pipeline project is in deep conflict with core Luutkudziiwus interests and values.
Gitxsan Heriditary Chief, Xsim Wits'iin

Read the full
press release.
Read the Madii Lii Declaration
Watch the initial camp construction video
Gate installed on the Suskwa Forest Service Road. Watch video
The Madii Lii
website is live, with new video imbedded.

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