No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Are you confused by the raft of natural gas pipeline and LNG plant proposals coming down the political pipe? If so, don't worry; you are not alone. This information (will download as a pdf) should enable you to make some sense of things. It was last updated December 15, 2014.

For a map of the proposed pipeline routes and LNG plants, click

Take heart: It is a calculated strategy of large corporations and complicit governments to intentionally overwhelm the concerned public. They flood the arena with proposals, thereby making excessive demands on the volunteer time and energy of those who want to respond. They even give their proposals similar names, so that it is difficult to keep them straight. Please keep at it. This is an important time for the planet and for the wild landscapes of BC.

These proposals, although monumental when considered collectively, are but a few drops in the industrial bucket. For an overview of all the mega-industry that is presently proposed for coastal BC, click

For an outline of the proposed pipeline routes through BC, and a summary of potential impacts, click
What will be some of the potential impacts to the Skeena River estuary? Click
Click here for an excellent overview of the natural gas-LNG production stream.
Click to read the BC government's
LNG Strategy, and its Natural Gas Strategy, and its LNG One Year Update.

Table from Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research