No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Social licence has been defined as existing when the project has the ongoing approval within the community and other stakeholders, ongoing approval or broad acceptance and, most frequently, as ongoing acceptance.

Social licence is a powerful concept. Recently, No More Pipelines and the Valhalla Society, with help from some high profile media coverage, motivated TransCanada Pipelines to back away from plans to route its proposed natural gas pipeline through the Khutzeymateen protected areas. Why? The company became aware that to go ahead with that routing was not going to be popular. Spectra Energy may soon follow suit with regard to its proposed pipeline route.

If you do not support BC's proposed LNG industry, state your opposition by revoking your social licence. Download
this one-page letter. Click on the e-mail links within it to build a send-to list in your e-mail program. Customize the letter by inserting your information between the items bracketed << >>. Add other comments and recipients as you wish. Save the document as a pdf with a title that includes your name, attach it to your e-mail, and send it. Wait for replies.... OK, maybe don't invest too much time in the waiting part. We are dealing with governments who view "engagement" as a one-way street. Thank you.