No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Each proposed natural gas pipeline in BC would require an attendant liquefied natural gas (LNG ) plant on the north coast. Any two pipeline/LNG plant combinations would create more environmental damage than the proposed Enbridge bitumen pipeline, by physically changing the landscape, and the air and water qualities of BC beyond recognition. Another reason that the public is not fully engaged - BC Premier, Christy Clark, has labelled natural gas, when used to power LNG Plants as "clean energy," and the public and mainstream media have largely gone along with the story. Oil and water? That's a no-brainer; they don't mix. But what can be wrong when a bit of methane leaks into the atmosphere? Jump here, here and here to learn about the environmental impacts of natural gas.

At a time when it is
past time for humankind to be shifting away from a wholesale reliance on the combustion of non-renewable fossil fuels, the BC government is committing the province to exactly the opposite path. As always, it's about money. The capital costs of each pipeline/LNG plant duo are in the tens of billions of dollars. The companies involved talk freely about their easy access to "cheap capital" while making plans to further lay waste to the environment. Premier Clark sees a trillion dollar royalty grab for the province over the next 30 years, to keep schools and healthcare going. No one in a position of political power, provincially or federally, is talking common sense with regard to the economics involved, the collective health of residents of BC, or to the well-being of the planet. But many others are. Read here for an eye-opening discussion of the faulty economics of BC's fracked gas/LNG boom. Click here for an easy-to-digest slideshow of the real cost of LNG.

Image by Leah Pipe