No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.

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Question: How much water does one fracking well in BC's Horn River Basin require?

Answer: 77 million litres

Question: How much water is that?

Answer: The same amount of residential water as used by 281,000 Canadians in one day.

Question: How many fracking wells would BC require to supply Christy Clark's vision for the LNG industry?

Answer: 50,000 over 30 years

Uhhhh... Question: How long would it take that Canadian city of 281,000 to use that much domestic water?

Answer: 137 years


And that's just the fracking. LNG conversion would also use an enormous amount of water. One of the LNG plants proposes to use 70,000 cubic metres of water a day from the Kitimat River. That equates to the daily domestic use of a city of 255,500 people.
And natural gas pipelines are pressure tested with, you guessed it, water.

Are you concerned about where the water for BC's LNG industry would come from?
Are you concerned that the BC Oil and Gas Commission is in charge of water permits for the industry?
If "yes," read
here, and let the government know.