No More Pipelines

Help keep BC LNG-free.


We are for clean water, clean air, wild species, sustainable economies, respect for aboriginal rights, and responsible government.
We view BC's present "Natural Gas Strategy" as an outright assault on all of the above.
We are aware that the regulatory agencies of both Canada and the province of BC are "politically hard-wired" to approve mega projects in the oil and gas sector, rather than to protect the environment.

Our Mission:
No More Pipelines advocates a respectful, peaceful exchange of independently researched information concerning BC's proposed LNG industry
and its effects on human and social health, and on the environment.

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No More Pipelines began in October 2012, when a few residents in the Hazelton, BC, area became concerned about natural gas pipelines proposed to cross the Skeena and Kispiox valleys. Since then, we have become a network of like-minded folks, across BC, Alaska, and the Pacific northwest. We have no paid staff. We are funded principally out of our own pockets, with some supportive businesses donating services in-kind. We share some resources with the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, and have received donations from individuals and from the Kispiox Valley Community Centre Association.

If you would like to join the network and be placed on the No More Pipelines e-mail list, please contact us.

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